Such a pleasure to work with these beautiful people

Angela Calo Photography

Capture Beauty

​Photography is so wonderful and fascinating to me. 

In this extremely technological world, a basic photograph can say more about a person, a space, an event, or a location than anything else. A good headshot can show you a person's personality, their ambition, their confidence and self worth, and their heart. A well framed real estate photo can sell a house. A breathtaking landscape can prompt you to visit a place you've never been. No two photos are ever the same ... No two subjects. There are three things you need for a good photo; a camera, good light, and something to focus on. Everything else is secondary. 

Of course the world of photography is growing faster by the day with the new and innovative camera phones and new DSLR cameras. I, personally, love having a good camera on my phone! However, it doesn't take the place of capturing a personality or a story or a moment in time that is fleeting and precious. That is my job! 

​I love working with people and I feel that I have a talent for creating a comfortable space for each client to relax and enjoy the experience. I talk to them throughout the shoot, asking them questions, making them laugh and giving them some basic pointers. For the most part, however, I just let them be themselves and it is my job to capture their best moments. 

In the world of entertainment, I am surrounded by beautiful people every day. It is such a pleasure to be able to preserve that beauty in a photograph and give the gift of their beauty to the masses. 

~ Angela